FB Ads - Metrics that Matter

Your Guide to Analysing & Interpreting your Ad Campaigns

Course Summary

This is a self-paced, mighty-mini e-course to help you learn how to interpret your Facebook & Instagram Ads data, report on the results & optimise your campaigns. Plus - you'll find out how you can make your Facebook Ad Account iOS14 ready!

 Included is four modules:
- What action steps to take for your Ad Account to be iOS14 ready
 - A handy printable PDF "Your Guide to Facebook Ads Metrics"
- Your Guide to UTM Parameters, why you should use them & checking your Ad Results in Google Analytics
- The fundamentals of Ad Campaign analysis & reporting
- Video Tutorial Setting up your own Custom Ads Dashboard
- Video DEMO: Ad Campaign walkthrough - watch as I review my own campaign results + what I look out for!

Who this mini-course is for:
So, you've been running Facebook Ads for a little while, and you're not quite sure what you're meant to be looking at in the Ads Manager dashboard (I totally get it, there are A LOT of numbers there!) This course is a great addition to our Facebook Ad Fundamentals Course or Facebook Ads Audit sessions.

Course Curriculum

Alison Wheeler

Simone Redman Jones

Shebang Agency

"Ali's training has left me feeling informed and excited. I highly recommend Ali, she's so knowledgeable and generous" - Praise for Facebook Ads Audit & Custom Training

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  • FB Ads - Metrics that Matter
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    A mini e-course. Your Guide to Analysing & Interpreting your Facebook Ad Campaigns.

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